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What peices of knex do you lack Answered

when i say lack i mean, when you look at a new gun do you say i don't have enough (insert piece here) to make the (insert gun here)... BUT IT LOOKS SO COOL! For me i find myself doing this every time i new gun comes out, i don't have enough (dark gray end caps) to make the (red impact)... BUT IT LOOKS SO COOL! if you leave your message i might be able to find you a crap load for like 5 bucks us dollar


I can show you one piece I don't lack.


wow i have 3 grays i really need to buy more

i have about 70

I am almost out of pieces. The only guns I made are: The motorized 16 barrel gattling gun (modified to 32 barells) and my own which uses about 50 pieces. It fires red rods about twenty feet and it takes about 20sec. to reload after one shot.

ok guys i no this is all about guns on this site well all the knex stuff. well i hav invented a new way of having a barrel. yup thats right it dosent use tand connetcors like all of them befour. and i hav made my first instructabel ussing this method as i lack on tand connectors (the things tha attach to wheels to make them go with the rod). it dose need a littel tweek but other than that it workes fine. but this is my first instructabel and i dont want to make an a$$ of my self. il ask this shud i post my first instructabel? i will add a handel befour/if i post.

I could use quite a few tan connectors,chain links and possibly a some k'nex string :)

The guns i have built now are; oodulumps cannon,killerks pistol,mepains huge crossbow,mepains shotgun about 5 of my own, fausts ast rifle, and the perfect ducks knex gun.I dont think i lack any peices because when i was little i got all the big sets, like the rollercoasters and the 80 model tubs. And i saved around 10000 peices no joke. So like what danny said:To make a long story short, I dont lack any peices.

I lack a lot of pieces. I just have two 400 piece tubs so there's tons of things I don't have.. I'll see if I can get some off eBay.


11 years ago

i have at least 7 boxes maybe 8 knex in the u.k (where i live) is so incredibly expensive i think i have reached the point where i can build every gun on the site from the shifle to the tripwire canon i have these fully built at the moment: red impact claymore my own double barreld shotgun killerk's pistol that reverse pump action gun and i could probs build a couple more (not big ones tho) so long story short i dont lack pieces-lol