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What plants can/should i use for my steam-punk light bulb terrarium? Answered

I decided to build a light bulb terrarium and took a steam punk spin on it using pipes as the base. What plants can/should i use that will grow up the through pipes(only 2 or 3 inches tall) and still look nice in the bulbs?


Mosses should do well.

Maybe liverworts or a single venus fly-trap?  Some sort of lichen?

Or you could go with low-water plants, maybe a small cactus?

+1. I was going to say creepy stuff like the venus flytrap.

Thanks for the suggestions! The only thing is the terrarium is very oddly shaped and nearly air tight other than one section that screws of to water it every now and then. So the flytrap may be hard to care for, but I'll remember that when i make my next one so i can fit it to the Flytraps needs!