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What prizes would like to see offered for contest winners? Answered

I believe there was topic for this, but I can't find it, so here we go, round 2: What prizes would you like to see be offered for winners of contests? It could be a old, new, or revamped prize! I'd like to see the Leathermans be offered again, along with stickers and patches. Perhaps iBles magnets?



10 years ago

I'm not going to win any points for originality here, but the Leathermans would be nice to see. I wasn't around here the first time they were offered as a prize and those things are awesome. I think kits would be a good thing to have. Also, any kind of Instructables/Robot related stuff would be good.

I'd like patches, stickers and Leathermans (men?), too. Oh! How about the right to send in ONE item for them to lasercut??

The third one is a great idea!!!! I suppose the prize would involve paying the shipping and handling, and the engraving....but just don't send an ipod......You never know when tetranitrate might try to invent exploding ipod songs.

Hey mom check out my engraved Ipod!
*plugs in earbuds, turns on music*



Haha. One of the side effects of sending your stuff to Instructables.

I'd personally would be very wary of sending anything valuable (iPods, for example) in the mail.

Heck yah, I wanna get all sorts of stuff engraved...

The Leatherman was one of the best prizes. I protect it with all of my pride and soul. I love it to death.

They'd never fit it through your mail-box.

But #2 son agrees with you.

How about tickets to visit Squidlabs?

I have an ibles leatherman, but they're a very good prize (although potentially pricey).

However, I like the themed prizes, from sponsors. And the tees.

But, whoever suggested models of Robot, maybe on a small plinth, that's good.

Hey, Kiteman, why not fly courier to squid labs?

Too unreliable - I looked into courier-holidays some time ago, and you don't get to choose exactly where you go (sometimes you only get to specify which continent you're aiming at), and you rarely get to choose when. Since I'm restricted by term-times, that makes it hard to do.

Plus, my passport expired two days ago, and it's over $140 for a new one.

Plus, it's kind of hard to get four courier tickets, all going the same way at the same time, two of them for children...

I love my leatherman. For some reason I think they've got a 3D printer...models of the robot could be made on that. I think that the instructables book would make a good prize for other contests, too.

well, i was thinking about maybe having a knex contest, i mean like a general knex contest. what i was thinking was that would be enough for people to stop posting junk and post knex things worth instructables. for that i was thinking maybe a grab bag of knex. i would even pay for it if you really want me to.

I would even enter a knex contest if you paid for a grab bag of knex-my little bros like legos and knex as well, they would love more knex.

but the entrant has to be made of knex, and really good. good luck, i might pm a admin about the idea, see what they think.

Cool. I'll post in such a contest, definitely...for my little brothers!

well, i am still trying to sort out all the odds and ends and then i will ask a admin. i am thinking that i could just order it from knex.com and send it to the winners address. this could easily become expensive though. maybe a set for the winner and grap bags for the runner ups. and a instructable t-shirt for thrid. i was thinking 2 winners, 5 runner ups, and 10 thrid place, what do you think?

I want a Leatherman.

Leathermans, utilikey, and laser etched plexiglass robot lights. Cross these two:


I'd also like it if the books were autographed by the staff.

I'd like to see: the electrical leatherman squirt (the one with the wirestrippers, I LOVE mine) electrical equipment such as power supplies, function generators, oscilloscopes (I know, a little high end, but maybe get a company like tektronics or HP to support and 1st prize is one of the above) Apple products they always say to think differently... and here's instructables! Electronic kits big breadboards cnc machine ;) arduino/clones I'll think of more later

I personally liked the lasercut paper airplane license idea...how about more things along those lines?

Ooo, yes, an autographed tee would be fun!

Hmm.. kits and Leathermans I REALLY want to win one

As do I, and it seems others do too.

Really is the idal prize, but I still prefer kits anyway. I want a TV B Gone Kit!!!!!!!

I'd like both, but I could do more with a Leatherman.


Reply 10 years ago

(Or any knife/multitool for that matter.)

...Or...a....laser...cut....er.... *Whistles*

I would like to see the return of leathermans, even if it were just the squirts, not the juices. But it would also be awesome if we saw some autographed pictures!

Great Topic! Personally I think kits would make the best contests. Like the TV B Gone (I think I spelted it wrong....)

Leathermans sound good, but those really are expensive. Maybe small 1 inch tall Robot figurines?

Well, yeah, the Leathermans would be offered as the top prizes for either speed or small long contests. Ooh, bobbleheads!


Reply 10 years ago

Or a keychain thing!