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What set do you find the bronze 5 potition connectors in?? Answered

It has recently been brought to my attention that in both of KnexStealth's ibles he uses bronze 5 position connectors. This has brought a question to mind. Where does he get them?? I looked a little bit more and found other people have them as well. I hope someone can remember what set they got them in. I included the only picture I could find of a bronze connector. (It's the one on the bottem) Thanks By the way I will award best answer.


Lots of them come in an old set called Power Tower Crane (released in 1998 I believe).

You could spraypaint a regular yellow connector. It doesnt matter though, they still are the same thing.

I could spray paint some but that could cause extra friction in a ram rod barrel. Also yes they are the same but I like to color coordinate.

the aniversary set you get like 25 of them in


9 years ago

get some off ebay

i got some in a pirate set. it is like a pendulum it goes up and around hard to explain but i got like 15 just because it matched the motor just watch this vid. i don't know if i got lucky or if that was meant to be.

I got them from a friend. From what I've seen, they only come in tubs or in ball tower sets, but I'm not exactly sure.