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What should I build next? Answered

I have built a Altoids iPod iPhone charger, and I have a few more ideas. But after that, I'm burnt out of ideas. I solder with electronics, just so you know what I'm into. Help me :P...


As a maker, I'm very dependent on Microcontrollers. But I found there is a lot of good ol' fashioned analog fun you can have as well. Some stores may do this near you or none will. Depends on where you live. But if you go to your local department store that develops film as well, you can politely and maturely ask them for all of their disposed of disposable cameras. I had to ask 5 different stores myself and walgreens were the only ones I could find that didn't have some sort of recycling deal with another business. The nice man at the counter gave me a box filled with SIXTY disposable cameras void of film. The capacitors and flash mechanisms inside of these will 'spark' your imagination.(sorry for the cutesy pun) The capacitors can be connected together for large capacitor banks that can in turn become powerful coil guns. Also, there is usually enough parts in a single camera flash circuit to make a cheap tazer. There are many projects you can do. Of course this can be VERY DANGEROUS. Disassembling these cameras and working with them is liable to give you a big shock if you are not careful. When 'shucking' cameras, discharge the capacitors with a screw driver with a PLASTIC handle SEVERAL times while wearing PLASTIC GLOVES. If the battery is still in, it still isn't safe, and even when it comes out DISCHARGE IT AGAIN. BE CAREFUL. Maybe not a good beginners project...

I looked that up, and all I saw was minecraft. Sorry, I don't play that. If you make it I will try to look at it.

You should try my altoids tin USB hub, it involves soldering and only takes a weekend at most.

I looked at it, and I knew it looked familiar. Nice, it was good. Check out my iPod iPhone charger... If you can solder quick (Unlike me, saying that with a grin), it may take you an hour. Here's the link

Not always -


is one example that does not use microprocessors.

your choice in micro processors is very wide:

picaxe from Sparkfun in the USA cheap and easy to programme.

Arduino - harder to programme

Raspberry pi - Vairious programming options lots of support in books and on web.

beagle bone

Etc Etc

Robots of course varies from mobile units to autonomous flying drones to static robot arms to CNC equipment or even automating your house or helping someone more physically disadvantaged than yourself.

Halloween project or costume

robots, you will never run out of projects again

I laughed when I read this... The ending was the best part. Would I need an arduino for its programming?


Robots come at every level of complexity from "controlled with two switches" to "my god, it's alive!".

Arduino-run robots come somewhere between the two extremes, and are getting more and more common,thus, so the answer is "maybe" - your robot will need an arduino if you decide to build it to be run by an arduino. If you want less, get less. If you want more, get more.


3 years ago

Design an audio compressor to level TV commercial volume !


3 years ago

shoe telephone

Build a headphone amp.