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What should I buy to make a tablet? Answered

I'm trying to build a tablet, I'm planning on making the case out of wood. I want to be anywhere from 10"-13". The tablet needs a usb port for plugging in a controller or mouse, a Hdmi port for plugging into a tv, a way to charge it, Wifi, memory need to be run by a sd card for weight and size, ram 4-8Gbs and bluetooth. I don't now what motherboard to get and where to buy a touch screen. I also want to be able to install any OS I want. I was thinking about getting a Raspberry pi but it wont allow me to install just any OS and the memory was too low. I also don't know what kind of wood I should buy for the case I want it to look cool, I'm also going to burn a logo on the back of the case.


Might as well make a Multi-touch table. you can actually set up a 10-13" one for ~$200-300

I think it would e better just to buy an ENTIRE tablet from the store, becouse it would be cheaper, it would CERTAINLY work and it would have WARRANTY.

So? Just buy a laptop an change it's OS. Check for second-hand ones. Even an Asus Eee pc it's better than homemade raspberry pi powered tablet and you can easily find them for less than the cost of your homemade tablet.

Not a good way to get future help!
mpilchfamily is quite correct. Ill be interested to see what quality device you get for your money and how well it works together.

You should be able to buy a reasonably good tablet computer for less than $150 - I seriously doubt you will match the performance for less as a DIY.

I trust you have good hardware, electronic and software skills! :-0 Have fun.

in future take heed of the "be nice policy"

im soo tempted to put wood effect sticky back plastic on my £100 tablet , :-P
its got a really classy power supply now

f you wanna make an omelette as the saying goes...
best of luck, i will look out for a woody tablet,, id call it the V special.


Sorry I was just a bit frustrated last night...It will cost 380 per devices. Here are the specs:
I'm going to install steam OS when it release.

10.1"  1080p LCD screen
4GB Ram
JLab internal speaker
Headphone jack
Mic jack
It weighs 3 Pounds

I'll post a Instructable once I have it built.

Does anybody know what kind of wood I should use for the casing? I was think Pine because it's light and it looks good. What I want to case to be is a nice looking wooden that durable and light.

You asked the question, he gave his honest answer. Besides he actually did try to help, giving suggestions for components and highlighting some areas that could trip you up. What did you expect? Someone to just post a set of detailed instructions?
I think we'd all be interested in seeing you post the results as an Instructable. That way in the future when people ask this question we can point them to your guide.

A "tablet" kind of implies that the thing will be extremely thin and integrated - that's HOW they can make them thin. Even the screen will cost you, in a one off, in excess of 250 USD for something decent.

Believe it or not it would be cheaper and better to get a nice laptop or netbook. There are ones that come with touch screens and the screen can be flipped around and closed so it acts as a tablet. Otherwise what you'll end up building will be much larger then a comparable laptop. Overall it won't resemble a tablet when it's all said and done.

But if you still want to pull this off then look at mini ITX motherboards. An internet search will give you touch screen options. But you'll need to remove them from the frame. Biggest problem will be finding a decent battery to run the whole thing. None of the off the shelf options you'll have available will be very energy efficient. So the batty you'll need to run the system for even a couple of hours will be fairly large and heavy.