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What should I do with old PC parts? Answered

I'm wondering, after taking apart another old PC, what should I do with the parts? I've found something to do with the CPU and am now clueless about anything else...

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MichelMoermansBest Answer (author)2010-02-18

I reccomend checking out the "dead computer contest" and check out the book 62 projects to do with a dead computer"

Also check out the member here on instructables going with the same name as the book.

Also it would be helpfull  if you told us exactly what you have so we can give better annswers :)

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Houdinipeter (author)2010-02-21

 You could use the monitor for more screens on your current computer,
Use the harddrive as and external HDD,
Use the fans for laptop cooling, desktop cooling or human cooling,
Use the powersupply for projects that need it, (not as concrete)
And you could use the video and usb cards to add to your desktop or sell them.
I know i didn't include details but i know they can be done & i just thought you could find the ibles on them!

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Burf (author)2010-02-17

Label a box "Computer Parts" and put the parts in it.
Put it someplace dry until you find a use for them.

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Earths_hope (author)Burf2010-02-17

I've done that and thats the thing, I need a use for them.
thanks anyway! always nice to get comments

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