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What should I do with potassium chloride pellets that I bought by mistake? Answered


What use did you anticipate for the pellets?  Potassium chloride works just as well as sodium chloride in a water softener, for example.

I wanted to use the potassium chloride to melt the ice and snow from my sidewalk.  When I opened the bag the pellets were the size  of charcoal briquettes.

 umm how do you accidentally buy potassuimcloride without feeling the size jk but really i would say grind them then use them next year when you have snow 

Real easy when you're in a hurry and pick up the first thing you see.  I know it was dumb not to look or feel the size first.  I will probably grind them down to use for next winter.

 okay can you pick my answer as the best then?

Possibly wanted potassium(oxidiser)?


Thanks, all of you for your suggestions, I will most likely grind them down to use for next winter's ice and snow.

You could grind them with salt to make lower-sodium table-salt.


Interesting idea.  These things are about the size of charcoal briquettes.  Do you have any suggestions on how I  might grind them?

 Ugh, I don't know how good that would taste. Potassium chloride tastes pretty bad straight. I guess if you mix it with regular salt and used sparingly in food, it might be okay, but it seems a lot of trouble. If you were going to use them for sidewalks, it shouldn't be too hard to break the chicklets (supposedly that's actually what they're called, at least by the local potash mine) into small chunks suitable for the sidewalk. Toss them in a bag and gently break with a mallet or something, I'd suggest.

Well I wouldn't do that, Lo-Salt doesn't taste right.


It is also a snow-melter!

Return them and get whatever it was you wanted instead.