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What should I do with this electric wheel chair? Answered

It has two 24 volt motors, a joystick and switches that go to the controller, it runs on two lead acid batteries. I think this means I have all the parts to make something awesome but I need help.? The problem is a metal scraper cut off the joystick assembly and threw out the wire that went to the controller, how do i recreate this wire from the leads inside the joystick assembly The schematics for the joystick assembly are unavailable. I will have to reverse engineer it, but i'm not good enough for that. What can I do with these motors and controllers and batteries. The electric trike seems pretty close to what i'm thinking. parts are too big for mountainboard. Its an invacare mark I or Mark II I think, circa 1990 The motors were pushing large standard size rear wheelchair wheels. Let me know your thoughts on this, I am a computer guy looking to be a gear head for a while, but I need a mentor. model number on the arrow micro controller is 1020393


You have a Mark III joystick there. Anything you wanna know, just ask jonderider@hotmail.com

You have a Mark III joystick there. Anything you wanna know, just ask jonderider@hotmail.com

sell,blowup,scrap,parts,donate,use for idea or invention/creation.

You could use it to lure senior citizens for sex. 

If you have a lawn I would suggest a remote control lawn mower. I suggest checking around for a medical equipment shop and simply replace the joy stick (that is what I understand is broken). Mount the two drive wheels from the wheel chair to the sides of the lawn mower. Replace the lawn mower "corner" wheels with caster type wheels like those found on the front of the wheel chair. This is way over simplified but gives you an idea.

I don't have a lawn but thats not a bad idea, I don't think i would pay to replace the joystick...from what Ive gathered its outrageously expensive. I would like to asses the feasibility of making it radio controlled maybe

If it was a complete wheelchair, make a lifesized dummy to sit in it. Possibly made up to look like a zombie. Rig it for remote control, and with a remote microphone and speakers. Then take it to a populated area and have fun. Or just build a Dalek body to go on top and remote-control it.

Good morn I realize this is a bit of a dated post by now but I would like to see if you received any schematic for the controller or managed to reverse eng the thing yet?

I would like to assist if able as I also posess one of these controllers but half of mine blew some parts before I got it, so I'm now trying to do the repairs so I can make a robot controller with some of it -I'm planning to use the motor driver boards but will probably scrap the actually motor controller because it is soooo old and can all be replaced now with one or 2 tiny chips and a few caps, etc.

any help appreciated!

you could get a better motor (faster) and put a bar with wheels on the back so it won't flip. And put a back up beeper on it. have fun.....

I found one at a car boot sale a couple of years ago and did this with it...
wheelchair robot

I blogged it at the time, too, but didn't get very far with it, to be honest.

Have fun!

Thats some good work there. Do you have any good links for getting joysticks and controllers to work. I dont think I'll be able to use the one that came with it, (wire is gone) The motors look similar but the wheels are different. I'm interested in good resources to getting control of the motors. Basically what i'm asking, is howd you get so smart

This is what I have left of it. For all who are interested. The computer is inside that shoebox sized case. its got what looks like 4 serial ports on it. We also have here 2 24v motors belt driven large wheelchair wheels. I don't know if you can see it but there is a hydraulic motor actuator thingy too.



No links, I'm afraid - mine worked straight out of the box (joystick and controller).

I never really understood how the motor controllers worked on mine - there was a lot of relay clicking going on, so I suspect that these controlled the polarity of each motor. Presumably it's not too difficult to work out which wires go to the motors and which wires go to the joystick - although I see a bunch of switches on there too... Are there enough markings on the controller to contact the manufacturer - perhaps one of the (old?) engineers there might have access to the pinouts or similar?

There will probably (possibly) be five wires for the main controller - one for each direction and one for common ground - although there might be six - a common supply voltage, too. Mine is in storage I'm afraid, but I imagine something similar for yours. You say some wires are missing, though - what a nuisance!

If I were you, I'd power it up and poke around with a multimeter or oscilloscope and try and narrow down your options.

Let us know how you get on.

The relay clicking is a solenoid on the back side of each motor that is used to engage motor to gearbox.

I make wind generators out of the motors but i have to cut the gearboxes off first. Go to the Big City and find a power chair dealer and talk to them about the joy stick. They WILL have an answer for you.


9 years ago

24 volt wheelchair motors are EXCELLENT for making a pedal-powered generator to charge 12v batteries - and power all sorts of things. Take the motor (minus the gearbox) and put about a 4 inch diameter cylinder on the shaft of it, and make a bracket so that it can press against the rubber of an excercise bike. Excercise bikes are best because they use a solid rubber tire, which has a flywheel effect, making it more comfortable to pedal. Also, the solid tire doesn't wear out very fast even though it's pressing against the motor shaft thing. Connect a diode (a serious diode) between one of the motor leads to the 12v battery you wish to charge, and you're ready to make electricity! If you don't know which polarity to wire the diode or motor, just try things until the motor doesn't spin on its own and it charges when you pedal. To test whether it's working or not, try pedalling and have a friend disconnect the battery - you should feel it become much easier to pedal all of a sudden.

Seems like a likely candidate for an electric bicycle.

See if you can get a legible photo of the labels on the motors or just copy them letter for letter, note how many wires are coming out of the motors and ware. Then we can start to give you a better idea of how to control them, you also need to give us some idea of what you want to do with it, do you need speed control or is full froward, stop, and full revers all you need? do you want a big rc car or something with a micro controller, or a laptop?

you could use the motors and gears for anything but the joystick you could make a really cool wristband or something out of the non workable parts

If you don't get an answer for reusing the components, you might consider contacting your area's local Independent Living Center. Their Information and Referral (I&R) specialist should be able to connect you with local resources that could repair your chair, either for your own use, or so you could donate it either to the ILC or to some other appropriate organization.

the chair part of it is in pretty bad shape. when i rescued it from a dumpster at work i left it by the dumpster. a couple days later i found a metal scraper taking it apart. the chair is gone and he had cut the wires. now its really just the bottom part of the frame. i'll try to get a picture attached.

Oh! That's awful; I didn't realize that you basically only had the motorized base. In that case, I think your choice of Best Answer is great :-)

i would make a robot out of it.

Maybe a remote controled recliner.