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What should I do with this tripod I found? Answered

So a couple weeks ago, I found a camera tripod with telescoping legs in somebody's garbage. It doesn't fit my camera, but there is essentially nothing wrong with it. So basically I need some ideas for what I should use said tripod for.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Mount a small piece of plywood on top and use it as a stand up or sit down laptop stand.

Add a couple of brackets to two legs and use it for a child's easel.

Mount a flood light to the camera mount and use is as an adjustable spotlight.

I'll give you 2 for three because I don't have any kids hahaha.

Drill a hole through the top plate, and thread a quarter-inch bolt through so that is projects about quarter of an inch - the bolt will screw into the standard-thread socket in the base-plate of most cameras.

I used one to mount a directional WiFi antenna, a few years ago -- easiest way to hold the cantenna in the proper orientation was to bolt a piece of PC board to the tripod and then strap the cantenna to that. Looked a bit MacGuyver, but it did the job. (I was setting up a data link from one end of a hotel to the other; for annoying technical reasons we couldn't use the hotel's network.)

Or use it as a mount for a small telescope. Or for a microphone. Or rig it for use as a music stand, or maybe an instrument stand.

If it's a decent tripod it's probably worth finding the right adaptor to make it fit your camera.  Some manufacturers use their own fittings - Does it have a brand name?
My tripod has a quick-release lever mechanism which needs an adaptor plate screwed into the normal tripod thread of the camera. Have a browse around the online photo-stores or post a picture of the top and someone should be able to ID it.

(Alternatively, take off one of the legs and you'll have a bi-pod and a mono-pod which also don't fit your camera ;¬)

Make an adapter for your camera.

Make it into a lamp base.

Get an OLD camera and display it on the tripod.

Give it to a friend who needs a tripod.  (Good karma)

Well it looks like I don't have any friends who need a tripod, but I like the lamp base idea.