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What should I encase these small speakers in? Answered

Small 1.5 inch speakers (diameter), 1.3 inches tall



6 years ago

To continue Burf's comment:

Pringles cans
Glasses frames(circular lenses obviously)
A pair of shoes would be fun if they were wearable after
The ends of a slinky? could be fun somehow.
meh, my imagination is out already. I thought I would have more...

wow.. more imagination than ive got.. Im just watching this now for ideas :)
Shoes would be awesome, might have to try that with a lm386 sometime..
Glasses would be awesome if you could wear them ,and maybe add some blinking leds to the music around the frames...

another few ideas
Soda can,
the munny speakers (search on ibles)
TP tubes
in the top of a milk jug, using the inside for a reverb-ish chamber.
end of a flashlight (replace light with speaker)
you could try making it waterproof and putting it in a bowl of water (just thought of a new experiment :) )
Make a pair of headphones
etc the list goes on


6 years ago

You can encase them in pretty much anything that doesn't cause damage or an electrical short to the speakers. Tin cans, plastic containers. a wooden box, or an old stuffed Teddy bear, the sky is the limit.
Sound quality may vary, but the choices are nearly endless.

yep :) Plexiglass ive wanted to do but never got my amp small enough... or actually built ;)

Plastic bottles, etc. just go with burf, the possibilities are endless :)