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What should I study to build turbine/jet engines also airplanes? Answered

well, I wanna build an rc airplane with turbine engine powered and anther with jet engine powered, what should I study at University to build things like that, Is the Mechatronics engineering specialize in that?? thanks!!


Don't forget, lost wax casting, close tolerance machine tool operation, and probably CNC programming, and metallurgy.

Go for sciences, physics would be good, or an engineering course (will involve physics). Good, hard science degrees are valuable, both for yourself and employers.
You're unlikely to learn what you need to build a turbine engine just by going to University (Kiteman) but you will get free access to a lot of good information.


Mechatronics is more about fine mechanical engineering, like, say the mechanism of a laser printer - mechanical and electronic engineering in intimate relationships.

Turbines are more of a pure mechanical engineering thing, you'd specialise as you go through school in areas leading into high temperature gas turbines etc.

If you specifically want to build aircraft, then go for aeronautical engineering.

If you want to build r/c models, you don't need to go to university - there is plenty of information on the web.