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What should i check while buying a second hand arduino? Answered

hi everybody, i found a second hand arduino on a website.the seller is saying that it is a handmade arduino.but how?i think all arduinos are made in arduino factory.isn't it? it's not looking like other arduinos that i saw before on internet it's a "ARDUINO ATMEL ATMEGA 168 CHIP". isn't it? im waiting for your advices sorry for my english



Best Answer 9 years ago

From your picture it "looks" OK and as far I can see it is a AtMega 168. Make sure it is loaded with the Arduino boot loader. I see no missing parts. Make sure ALL pins work for example make sure you can flash a LED on all pins. Can you power it up with an external power supply. Check to see if any parts get hot to the touch. Remember it is a serial connection so you will have to press the reset button to load a new sketch and my guess is there will be a 10 sec wait time as well. But for 20 dollars and where you are from with no other choice it sounds like a good deal. Good Luck, Randy

this is a serial arduino. A version of this was specifically designed as a single sided pcb to support easily hand making it

i bought it today.it's working :D :D excellent toy for geeks

Well arduinos are open-sourced and you can build them yourself from schematics that are available on the web. You either can buy a kit with a printed circuitboard, or print your own circuit board and get the other parts seperatly. The chip is replacable and/or reprogramable, but you should ask for a clean, unflashed one if it is available. The important things for you to check are: 1. Is it working? Can the seller demonstrate it powered up and running a program? 2. Is it expensive? How much does a kit cost at your favorite dealer? How much does a pre-assembled arduino cost? How do those costs compare with this handmade one? 3. Are there fit issues? Will this handmade one connect easily with arduino shields or are the parts too crooked? 4. Is there anything missing? A jack or connector, a light?

it is cheap indeed. it is 20 dollar. this is reallyy cheap. because there is no where else to buy it in turkey. if i would want to buy from another country , for example from italy it would more than 60 dollars with shipment cost. i hope i could explain what i wanna say.because my english is not good enough.

how can i find out missing parts? sorry im a beginner.i dunno a lot about electronics.