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What should i do with a 6.5 hp lawn mower engine? Answered

I was thinking about building a go kart, but the vertical configuration of the engine makes that difficult .



Best Answer 9 years ago

A leaf mulcher from hell...

+ dead snowblower = working snowblower

+ alternator = backup power generator for house/rv

ebay? someone might need that motor for something :D

You could make a go-cart with it.....

First off what kind of lawn mower it came off of a push mower or a riding mower.

big beefy lawn mower engine = big beefy lawn mower.

I am currently working out the kinks of putting a 10 horse onto a regular push mower. Namely, the blade is sitting too low. but I'll fix that (probably with a big cast aluminum piece, but I need to start casting before I can do that :)

Send it to the instructabler who wants to know what to do with an electric wheelchair...

A hovercraft maybe..