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What should i do with a pda and a old scanner? Answered

Good day Instructables :)
   I have a old Acer Scanner 620 (flatbed scanner) and a pda.

the old scanner is too old to be compatible (remember that parallel port is dead long time ago) and the pda has a broken On button and the battery is damage.

What should i use these materials for?

   What can i do with them?

Should i turn them into a spy camera (but i don't how to do that...) or something like that?

I want to use them for something besides throwing into the rubbish

Please help?

Here are the photos of the pda and the scanner:=





Best Answer 6 years ago

Get an addin card to add a parrellel port and build a large format camera from that scanner.

Hello instructables fanatic :)
Thank you for replying to me. I am very appreciated :D

Regarding to your reply, could you give me more details on how to do it?

Have a lovely day and take care :D

Better yet google "scanner camera" and you'll get a page of links with more info.

Hello Re-design :)
Thank you for replying to me on this matter, but the problem is that the software of the scanner is not compatible since parallel port is not used anymore...
How ever, if the software is compatible, it can be accomplished

You don't use the software that came with the scanner. There is open source scanner control software that will use the parrellel port and easily control your scanner.

That is very good, and what is the name of the software and where can i get this software?

Start here.

If not there then google "scanner camera" like I suggested and look for the software to use.

once again, thank you for your big help :)
But i don't understand.
supposedly, the drivers won't work because they are from a different manufacturer.
My old scanner is a Acer scanner, not a sane scanner

That software works with 100's of different scanners. Acer is on the list.

Thank you a lot good sir, but the scanner is malfunctioning.
It will be repaired in about 5 days

I am very sorry for the delay.
I had a problem with the router

Hello good sir.
I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for the help you have been giving me.
I need advice, what should i do with a old monitor and what can i do with a pda that has a broken power on button and a damaged battery?

How can i use the pda without a battery and connected to the electricity ?