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What should i do with my non working laptop ? Answered


I have a laptop who's mother board in not working and replacement would cost US $ 160. What i can i do with this laptop ? any idea which can give me more benefits ?



thanks for reply. Is it possible to attach a mini desktop to the laptop screen ?

yes it is possible to connect a desktop to it you'll need to take it apart pull the screen out and buy an adapter for your screen i think they are less than 20 bucks if i remember right. then you can sell you keep the other parts (cd drive, hdd, keyboard, mouse) in case you need them in the future, you can put the hard drive in your desktop if you want.

Dell laptops had a big problems with motherboards for a while. Check your warranty and the mfgr. Possible to get the motherboard free. Go on ebay or wherever and look for the same laptop that works but might have a bad screen,. Should be able to save a bit.

Some laptops if the battery is fully discharged will not boot.. Unless you know the mohterboard is dead,, might be a time to do some trouble shooting.

I lave liiberated parts from dead laptops to use later in other laptops. i.e. memory.

Wasnt there an îble lately exactly for that??

Aye: See at https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Convert-a-Laptop-LCD-into-an-External-Monit/
"A while back I was sitting around and wondering what to do with my dead laptop. I knew the mother board was fried but everything else was still in working condition. As a result, I decided to make an external monitor from my dead laptop and proceeded to do the research to find out if this was possible."

Sounds exactly like your situation :)


5 years ago

Take it apart and sell the parts (keyboard, screen and so on) on Craigslist or Ebay. Or aquire an identical laptop with a good motherboard and a cracked screen, and make two into one.
Since the screen needs the mobo to function, it's not easy to repurpose the parts, other than by taking it apart.