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What specifications should I look for when choosing a multimeter to buy? Answered

I am looking to buy a multimeter for general use and would like some advice and/ or recommendations of what I should buy. I would preferably like a digital multimeter with a price of under $50.


I don't know if it's just because they advertise more or because people use them becuase they are good. But I personally have Fluke meter. It's a good name, and they've built it up for a while. So maybe find an entry level one of thiers.

I got one that tests diode voltage drops and has a capacitor checker.

Do you know of any good ones that can measure capacitance?

Volts - Ohms - Amps up to 10 amps. You may find one with a transistor testing facility although I have never needed it. (I am an electronics engineer by training) I like a audible continuity check. you should get a servicable meter for under $10

I got this one from DX and it works fine. DX has other great multimeter for cheap as well.

If I was to step up I would go for an $80 Fluke, they make the best.

...I hate radio shack.

One particularly useful feature of a multimeter is auto-shutoff capability. This prevents the batteries from being drained when you forget to switch it off.

In all honesty, I make use of a fairly cheap 20-dollar radioshack multimeter, and it has served me faithfully for many years without complaints.