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What sport do you play? Answered

I'm just wondering, What sports do ya'll play. (YES, I am from Atlanta) I play left wing in hockey and tail gunner in paintball.


I play lacrosse (varsity tryouts start monday, i'll prolly make it) as well in the fall I play soccer. I am also hoping to make varsity as well. But I want to be recruited in lacrosse.

Lacrosse is my favorite sport.

Cool what gear do you have? What position do you play?

I play D, Torque head, warrior alloy 2000 shaft (its pretty dented up, I need a new shaft) and warrior adrenaline pads. What about you?

I play attack. I have a Proton Power and a STX Profile. I have a STX Scandium and the original Titan Pro shaft (from my cousin, he played at Princeton). I have STX Chopper arm pads and shoulder pads. and STX I-Pro gloves. I am decked out with all STX gear.

My brother has the G22. Those things are amazing!

i play lacrosse, i made the varsity team(im a freshmen) and i just got back from a 7 game, 25 minute running tournament in the middle of nowhere i have a REALLY old stic, its a discontinued Brine f-15(because it doesnt dent, where there would normaly be a dent theres a bunch of tiny hairline cracks) and a antiquated Edge head lol Cascade CLH2 helmet with titanium facemask warrior hypno gloves Gait chaos armpads Warrior millenium(?) shoulder pads (they are the ones with black/silver exterior and gold/silver interior, i live them to death) i play left wing defense cus im lefty im also on the varsity rifle team

Our school doesn't have lacrosse :(

Aww man, thats too bad. Its a great sport.

Yeah I really wanted to play it. At least I have volleyball....

Ya, our school is having tryouts for lacrosse tryouts. It's really not for me though.

I walk through the halls.

That could be your hobby. Build a hall outside and walk through it.Dilima solved. :)

When in school, my forte`s were soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, and limited track and field (I was a bit asthmatic and back then the treatment was a bit limited; so I couldn't "sprint" for longer then 100 yards).

Paintball. I'm the one that advances when the rest (Ok, most. Some are still loyal :P) of my squad mates camp out in one spot. You camp, you die. Those are my rules.

I remember when my brother would let me use his paintball gun and we would take turns shooting eachother....

I move, but when someone yells "cover me", my philosophy is to pop up and shoot like a manic. Everyone ducks.

My friend's strategy is to charge straight at you.


10 years ago

I played football this year. That's my favorite sport.

I play ultimate Frisbee, and am thinking about trying out boxing.

I play volleyball and I do track.