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What technology from TV, movies or books would you most like to see become a reality? Answered

I'm part of a "Technology Battle Royale" that will be hosted by the Ninja from "Ask A Ninja." One of the questions for this event is "What technology from TV, movies or books would you most like to see become a reality?"

Yes, I know this sounds ridiculous, and it is. More links once the website is live.

In the meantime, what do you think? Help me answer the question.

This is the first of two questions this week, the second is here.

The battle site is now live here: http://www.fmbattleroyale.com
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I must admit, that I have watched 1 anime (sp?) cartoon in the past. It was recommended to me while I was interested in other people's opinions of identity, personal identity and what identity actually is. The cartoon is called Ghost in the Shell - and I for one would love to have brain augmentation. Screw the mixed reality goggles, go straight to the goal :p From that same cartoon, I'm not so sure I would want a completely prosthetic body o.0 That being said, I think the idea of that is more terrifying than teleportation given the potential ramifications of misuse and what could easily increase the gap between those with money, and those without enough.

Then again, one could philosophize and say that our (singular and plural are both different ideas on the subject) brain is creating this "world", so our brain is argumenting itself... meta-brain-argumentation! :D

Here's what I submitted: (you can submit your own answer on the site as well, but be sure to note my disclosure in the edited forum topic) I asked users on Instructables, and far and away the thing they’d like to see and use is teleportation, or considering the other popular story right now, disapparation. I am personally in full agreement. Beyond the advantages of never having to commute to work again and the ease with which one could go on vacation in faraway places, I think some of the allure of teleporation is how it would turn society on its head and change it in so many ways. The changes would be exciting, scary, and fast; plus, who doesn’t want to live at the top of a mountain but still work in downtown?

I voted for you too. But did you notice that three other writers said teleportation as well? Time to get this technology goin'!

Yeah, I noticed that too. I figured that would be the case. Who doesn't want teleportation?

The Battle Royale site is now live. See my edit to the forum topic.

How about some augmented reality glasses? I'd love to see a Google Maps overlay on what I'm currently looking at. It would make geotagging a hell of a lot more fun.

Augmented reality glasses have been around for centuries, they're more colloquially known as "beer goggles" Turning bow into wow since 3000 BC.

That's it! I'm going to stay perpetually drunk from now on and wherever I am is exactly where I wanted to go because wherever I am is the best place in the universe, filled with beautiful people. Sweet.

A teleportation device! We could all have giant tubes coming from our houses going to different places, and we are sucked in our little tubes to the super market. You see, we are facing a future problem of ground space issues. If our tubes went into the air, and traveled long distances, it would reduce traffic, and we would not have to expend fossil fuels to do so!

all though if we did that in highly populated areas it would block out all the light and at rush hour there would be congestion at tube intersections and could cause crashes.

it would still be a bit congested but how would we breathe it the tubes were pressurised? and would we just be lay in the tube head to toe, or would we have our own registered cylinder to lie in?

Well, each home would have one cylinder, so only one person can use it going one way. Others can follow of course. The air would be like in an airplane. Pressurized.

Oh yea, I forgot to address that. There are two ways of going about this issue. One way is to have the tubes heading in one-way only to the places one would most often go to. The other, could we a series of interconnecting tubes all heading to different places. Similar to a railroad I would suppose.

Well in less populated areas, there would be the tubes running to the stores within that less populated area. Also, in areas with a plot of land every few miles, then there would be ultra-high powered tubes that will run in straight lines to the destination. Like a Super-Japanese Subway.

Expensive...but it is certainly worth it! The reduction of fossil fuel emissions would help our the environment tons!

yes and if because people arent walking they become obese, then when they try at enter their tube they become stuck, they will have to start losing weight until they can go anywhere again.

I like futurama. Fry is an idiot

Brilliant point! See, not only is the transportation idea of using tubes saving our environment, it is saving our families from becoming obese!


10 years ago

I would really like to see the principle used in Doctor Who for his TARDIS, it is only a small police phone box outside but inside it is huge, with several floors, also shown in "The Mask" when the main actor is "maskified" he has enormous pockets for everything.

Three Words:

Giant Robotic Muffins

But... those aren't autonomous... they're just people IN Giant Robotic Muffins (Billy showed me the video of them at Maker Faire)

Instructables and Ask a Ninja, my two favorite things on the web, combined!!

In answer to your question, probably the sphere from Michael Chrichton's book Sphere.

Colonise Mars. Now.

We have the technology to land a significant presence on Mars ten years from the date somebody signs the check. Sod the Moon, sod the ISS, they're useful, but not as stepping stones to Mars (Moon landers/rovers will not work on Mars, and vice-versa the conditions are too different).

Google for the Mars Direct programme - it uses stuff we could have built twenty years ago to start a sustainable programme of Mars missions for less than the original price-tag of ISS, never mind the costs incurred since.

Sod the moon? That means to me cover it with a carpet of pre-grown grass. Is there any other interpretation? Anyway I never thought of such a quick method of growing a world. It doesn't make as much sense for the ISS though. Nor is it that simple of course with the moon having virtually no atmosphere. Awesome idea though.

Oh! ( T ! ) You're cussing the mooning moon very obscurely.

the thing you have to understand is the last time we went to a planet like satalite was almost 60 years ago. our technology has come so far in that time that, no ones exactly sure how to build lander. As far as i know nobody bothered keeping the design up to date It's like building a jet engine version of the wright brothers plane. could it be done yes probably, does anyone know how to go about it Not even a little bit

Why are people so obsessed that "newest is best"? Launch-vehicle technology has not advanced very far in recent decades - it's all been software and materials.

McDonnel Douglas flew their Delta-Clipper SSTO prototypes using motor designs that date back to the early days of Apollo (Pratt & Whitney RL10), with a ground crew of a dozen and a mission control that consisted of three blokes with PCs in the back of a truck.

It proved to be more capable than the shuttle (full auto-pilot, no runway or launchtower required, when human error caused an explosion that blew the side off the ship, it automatically and safely returned to its starting point - one tile comes off a shuttle and the whole thing is toast).

Oh, and the whole DC-X vessel cost less than a single shuttle toilet!

NASA, however, decided to go with Airospike technology to replace the shuttle. Why? Because Airospike was better? No - they have never properly flown an Airospike vehicle. There reason was that DC-X did not use modern enough technologies. And do we see a fleet of Airospikes replacing the shuttle? No - NASA never managed to make it fly, so they flogged it to Defense for their missile programme.

As far as I know, they're still spending on it, it still hasn't flown, and the RL10 design is being considered for use on the new Lunar Landers.

OK fair point i was just posting what the "offical" mind set is at this time (personally i think we need the money for more important things right now) now Terra forming could be a useful here on Sol-3 the abiity to grow plants any ware has a LOT of potential

i want a personal teleporter... i hear theyv come pretty close they can somehow convert light to matter then back to light... dont quote me on that i heard it from a person who knows what hez talking about. If som1 can get that article send it to me

I want that "Enhance" button from CSI. But not just for crappy CC footage, but for all media. Can I blow up an image from the web and see all the detail? Can my MP3s sound, well, good? Can I put in a VHS tape and enjoy it in 1080p?

There is a "Nyquist" limit to digital enhancement so analog is much more enhanceable. So you can convert CCTV on VHS to 1080 HDTV and make giant enlargements from photo negatives, but you'll never get an original quality photo out of a thumbnail.

man what kinda geeks are you jetpack, hover board, lightsaber

the problem w current jetpack tech is the unfortunate flaw w the whole set up you have to carry your fuel w you w increases the weight of the whole rig; and the heaver it is the more thrust you need to lift, the more thrust you need the more power it takes, the more power it takes the more fuel you need... unless you can figure out a way to somehow make air work as fuel for it we'll probably never see jet packs that ae anything other than a novelty at air shows

I'm still waiting for the flying cars I was promised as a kid... I also want to see a computer explode when you give it a question it can't answer.