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What the blazes do i do next???? Answered

Having always known in some way that i had some kind of a 'wiring fault', and having for about the last 20years suspected (in pretty much the same way as i 'suspect' that the sun will rise tomorrow morning) that it was Aspergers syndrome, I took your test. My results were 18/200 neurotypical and 188/200 Aspie. I then researched further and took the 'Baron Cohen test' on another site where my score was 45 (scores of 26-32 are considered borderline aspergers in this test). Should i go and see my doctor and ask for further tests or should i go to someone more specialized? I live in the UK by the way and i am a 42 year old male.


Free online medical advice is frequently worth less than you pay for it.

If you're actually bothered (see Steve's point), go and see your GP.


5 years ago

Taking an online psychological test is like picking up hitchhiker and asking him to pull your wisdom teeth; you might get lucky and pick up a licensed dentist but the odds aren't in your favor.
If you're really concerned go see a professional, online tests are essentially meaningless.

Oops! i think that somehow i may have posted this question in the wrong place!!! Sorry peeps, and thanks anyway!

Yes go see you doctor - Its free.

You may well have Aspergers syndrome, a form of Autism However it hasn't stopped you getting to 42 so It isn't likely to get worse.

You already know your limitations and have learned to work within them.

As far as I know there isn't any medication available to "cure" you but there are help groups on line for people who suffer and for their carers.


By the age of 42, ask yourself if it matters. Does it affect you and your family much ?