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"What tip, trick or homemade gizmo do you use that is an absolute must while geocaching?" Answered

Please I need all the ideas I can get seeing that I'm new to the game.

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Ruru2 (author)2012-02-02

In my geokit I have the following:
Spare batteries for GPS
Tweezers (long ones)
A telescopic wand with strong magnet
Mini torch
Spare logbooks & ziplock baggies
A penknife with screwdrivers, picks, scissors ets built in
Hand sanitiser & small pack wet wipes
Small swaps
A carry bag - for CITO
A muesli bar
A few band-aids & anti-histochemic
A thin beany & a bandanna if the weather changes quickly (like it does frequently in all seasons in New Zealand)
Camera - both to record fun hides & it is a useful prop when you think you ar about to get muggled.... it looks better if you are taking a photo rather than twiddling your thumbs.

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7654321 (author)2011-05-31

You're going to want a GPS unit.

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AndyGadget (author)2011-05-30

You need to take exactly what you would in terms of walking gear for a similar walk, plus the GPS device.  A good stick would be useful for rummaging in undergrowth and don't forget suitable items to leave in the cache if you remove something.  A picnic lunch is always welcome too.
Have you looked at the guides over there?  ------>

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artworker (author)2011-05-30

Lensatic Compass
Pocket knife
Pencil and Paper
Map of the area (Mostly hand drawn and copied from the web, I have a pocket diary filled with such maps)
Some tinker toys (to exchange)

I also use a walking stick which I collect on the trail. Treking shoes.

Some bandaids
Energy bars, Water etc.

Oh yes! I also have a very old GPS kit.

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