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What to ask for in the letter to Santa Claus? Answered

   Everyone (and my brother) started writing letters to Santa. I thought I was too old for that, but my mum obviously wants me to write it, so I'm having deep thoughts on the topic. 
   What should I ask for? It has to be something fun, but not life-threatening, not very toxic and having a possibility to become mum-approved...
   I've been thinking a smoke machine or a Geiger counter


Ferrari, TVR, Aerial Atom (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaWoo82zNUA), Laser cutter, More workshop tools, endless supply of wood and metal, More time to do projects. geiger counter (what would you use it for/)

I want a Geiger counter mainly to run about the house/school/underground/whatever and listen to the clicks, which is MY idea of fun. Also, I go to a place in about two hours by train out of town at summer, where they hold a lot of different summer schools and other things, and it is on the territory of the Institute of Nuclear Research in Dubna, and it'll be fun to take it there, and either make everyone stop their idiotic jokes about little green mutants that swim in the river and eat you etc... , or find out something interesting :)

You can't drive before you are 18 here. Anyway, it's wiser to ask Dad to buy a larger (I'd say wider) car, so the endless supply of wood and metal can fit in it.

Ask for insight / knowledge, so that next year you'll know. I'm serious, think about gifts that aren't boxed and paid-for with money.


And can you also ask her to respect me and never lie to me, I quite forgot.

Dear Santa,
can you please ask my Mummy to love me for a change
as a Christmas present.

(I think she'd be sort of insulted) :)

Good also, you're a step up from me.



7 years ago

I would love Santa to bring me a lasercutter but I guess hat it is a bit to heavy for Rudolph to pull to my house so I woud ask the geiger counter.

And I can't convince my mum that I won't and can't cut my arm off with it...

ask for a really good pair of hiking boots and a really good all weather jacket and you will be safe and dry and warm no matter were you go.......but tools are also great choices.......drill press........yankee screwdriver.........small angle grinder.....great tools to have.Also ask that you always have a loving and happy family to accompany you on all your adventures.

A nice drill and an assortment of bits. It'll come in handy when you go to university and have to put together your own furniture and later on when you have to do home repairs. I asked my mom for a drill when I was 16, and I still have it at 29. Everyone thought I was crazy back in high school, but boy, in university, they all ate their words. HA! Of course, it's come in handy beyond furniture and home repairs. They're immensely useful for lots of fun things.

Seriously, more tools, decent ones that will last.
Buy a pair of Lindstrom wire cutters which will last a career.
My father bought me a DVM for my 21st birthday (many years ago) that I use at least weekly !


This is you mum's way of being able to give accurate information when asked "what does little gruffalochild want for Christmas this year?" It makes everyone's life easier, so put a selection of things you actually want so that your aunt doesn't give you socks again.


+1. What do you want, that you can reasonably expect to your mother to get?

Surplus gieger counters are harder to find than they once were -- if you really want one (why?) you may want to tell "santa" where they can be found at a reasonable price.

Basic smoke machines can be had fairly cheap. Of course there are operating costs in the fluid, even if you don't have to pay for the electricity.

As with any purchase -- even when someone else is buying it for you -- think about how much lasting value you'll get out of it versus spending the same amount of money on something else. How often with you use it, for how many years, and how much value will it provide each time you do use it?

Go on, ask for the Geiger counter....