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What to buy to make a LED drumset? Answered

I'm wanting to put some lights into my Drum Set, and I really have no idea what to buy. I can solder, but would prefer not to. I would prefer to spend less than 50$ (US) for lights and power supply's. I don't mind ordering online as long as I can pay with Paypal, but if I did I wouldn't want to spend more than 70$ including shipping to Minneapolis.
( I would like a choice of colours) (coloUrs)
What do  I buy?


 Maybe wait for the Christmas sales to get the string of LED lights with power supply. More expensive is the rope LED lights at the home centers.

I see several problems with that:
Those lights come in chains that are way too long,
they cost a lot,
and they wouldn't look as good as something homemade.

 I guess Christmas tree lights are wired up all gnarly.  You would have to experiment with how many LEDs you need and buy them in bulk. Do you have wood shells or clear plexiglas? You have to figure out how you will mount them in the drums to keep them from vibrating off.  Hot glue may work but that might turn out messy and you want to be sure of what you are doing if you drill any holes. Look for a LED power calculator to figure out what kind of power supply you need and maybe circuits to make it flash or blink.

Yeah, I wouldn't use hot glue. They don't weigh very much, so I'd probably use painters tape, so as not to destroy the drums. The drums already have holes in them  (so that there isn't a pressure build-up), so wires could easily go through them. I think 8 would be enough for each drum...