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What to do: suspected deception/fraud? Answered

I really couldn't find a good spot to ask this question, but I am concerned about a user with possibly deceptive/fraudulent Instructable(s) and hyperlinks to external sites.

What's proper protocol for reporting this to the Instructables staff so they can check it out and see if it's a real problem or not?


.  In addition to contacting someone on staff and flagging (see kelseymh's comment), you can contact a member of the Feature Team and they can temporarily "hide" an iBle until Robot can check it out.

Follow the About or Contact links at the bottom of every page (lower right corner) and send either a PM or an e-mail.

If you think the user is just spamming, you can also flag their I'bles and/or forum topics, which will notify Staff to review them.  There's presently no way to indicate why you've flagged something, unfortunately.