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What to do when bored on the internet? Answered

Right now, I'm sick. Pretty much not willing to get out of my chair. I've been trolling the internet aimlessly for hours, and I'm quite frankly tired of it. Any suggestions on interesting Instructables-type sites? Or any other science/DIY/art sites? Just something interesting.


TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. I highly recommend it. Not science or DIY, but it does deal extensively with the literary and dramatic arts, and is funny as @#$%.

Nice. The site's very funny, but a bit hard to use. It will keep me busy though.

Your best bet is to just pick an article or category that appeals to you, and Wiki Surf from there. You never know where you'll wind up, or how long it will take the rescue dogs to find you....

www.Formvote.com !

Go to bored.com! Htey have all this cool stuff fro bored people.

 go to the ibles site and do stuff, go to addictinggames.com, shockwave.com, umm search random stuff on google

I love addicting games :) Have you played the game "N"?

Oh, it's wonderfull, you should try it.

 you should try some of the racing games (usually the only ones I play) 

Yeah, we used to have Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit on our computer, great game, it was the one where the helicoptors would drop bombs at you.

 yeah i have need for speed nitro and it is pretty good

That's cool, we also have Need For Speed Underground, but I perfer the other one.

I finally got over my illness, and I'm happy to say that all the suggestions kept me busy, but the one I liked best was definitely TV Tropes. Thanks everybody!


8 years ago

 Try a blog, write about your love of creating DIY objects.   

play facebook games


Lots of weird stuff to read, lots of inspiration for projects.