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What to do when you Ibles is down Answered

I've been getting the 503 error (No server available to process your request) a lot. I just noticed that the chat room is still available if you were already there.g this because

Basically, I'm saying this, so people can talk through the chat room if Ibles is down for any reason


What I do when 'ibles is down is think about what I'm going to do when 'ibles comes back.

I just run around in circles and scream. It helps me pass the time. Panic also helps too.

Reminds me of a plaque we got a fellow worker one year (he was very hyper). It said using Latin: "When in trouble, when in doubt, run in circles scream and shout." And we had that placed around a coat of arms for TAZ (the Tasmanian devil of Bugs Bunny fame) LOL

Ha! Do you remember the exact latin words, perchance? That would be an awesome T-shirt.

No sadly, and using my Latin/English - English/Latin dictionary doesn't help much. Since I am not able to conjugate Latin, it would sound silly to piece-meal it together with the wrong tenses *sigh*

Oh well...I couldn't find an online translator that worked with latin, either.

Yeah. Or I may play online on halo (trial). But generally, I have a small panic attack. and also a small Heart attack.

I usually do [www.linerider.com this.]

You have to make sure the link has an
Before it.

Are you ok? You've done it twice....maybe you don't want to go away from instructables?

I know, I saw your youtube channel. A simple google for labot2001 brings up your stumbleupon, youtube, etc.


Jk, jk. You haven't been browsing my random web sites, have you??

You tell him jkjk?????

Now people think I'm a stalker because they sawd your orangeboard....

You meant line rider......but you linked back here....

Tank you tank you.....I have added those to my out of control number of favorites :-)

I have a daily schedule. Except for Make mag and Inventor Spot, those are all in it.

My comment below is the list of main sites

Dances a jig, my Make Mag just arrived today :-)

Ooh - I'll have to check the mail! I took advantage of the free Make subscription with Maker Faire tickets deal...

Eh, I check them all anyway. I have a daily schedule 1) yahoo! 2) ibles 3) Worth1000 4) Snafu-comics (webcomic) 5) vgcats (webcomic) 6) Cracked.com 7) g4tv.com 8) Youtube 9) Albinoblacksheep.com 10) Boingboing.net 11) plime.com They're all in my FF bookmarks. In order actually. Left to right.

Eh, I don't like the new interface. But that's all I did in 5th grade. That, and Whyville.

Yeah, I liked the old interface. My favorite contests are the Apple contests.

I like the "When ___ Rule the World" Contests.

You could spend your time making something to post when it comes back up...?

(Not that I've noticed any downtime recently?)

I work on my Rule 34/Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon algorithm. Not really, I read some SciFi.