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What to do with 2 CD ROM drives, and 2 floppy drives? Oh yeah, and a zip drive with no disks! Answered

I have 2 CD ROM drives, and 2 floppy drives. They are kind of old, but should work fine. I noticed the idea of Floppy Disk Racing, and was wondering if any one else had ideas for what to do with them?

I also was curious if the diode of the CD player would work as a burning tool, like the on here: Laser Flashlight Hack!!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Oh yeah, and I have a zip drive with no disks!


floppy drives: high speed motors
cd-rom drives: burning lasers

I would keep the zip drive for later, as if I recall, they still hold a use-able amount of information. However, I am curious too as to what you can do with one. My old G3 Mac has one built into it and I have 3 brand new 120mb zip disks, but what are you going to back onto there now-adays?? Your internet explorer fav's?

Flash storage is so cheap, it's not worth it. You can get a 1GB flash drive for like $6, and it works on anything. The Zip drive is junk, its uses are limited. Though not that limited. Some digital recorders recorded onto zip drives, and are still in use. Zip drives also get the "click of death," so people who still use them are often hunting for new ones. Sell the zip drive on ebay and make a few bucks. As for the other stuff. Floppy drives are useless, take them apart or something. There are some motors, LED, etc. Same with the CD-ROM, they have lasers but they're really hard to get to. Put the parts in a bin and decide to do with them later. You could make a laser... something. Kip kay had a cool use for them with an audio transformer and a solar panel to transmit audio over the laser. You can find that on Make, I think.

Spare the floppy drives! Just like the Zip drive, if they work, put 'em on eBay. Many retro PC gamers still would buy them for their retro PC for playing those old games that came on floppies. Taking them apart is a waste unless the drive was already dead.

the most important stuff from your /home some mp3s software you have in local files

Zip drive? Woah. Flash back.

mod some floppy disks to contain mini / micro sd cards. put the contacts on a plate under the slider modify the floppy drive to accept them (with a usb sd card reader) 4 GB floppy disks !

www.instructables.com/id/Drive-a-Stepper-Motor-with-an-AVR-Microprocessor/ There's also one somewhere where you can drive a steppr motor from just a parallel port.

t3h laser from the cd drive doesn't burn things :( sorry you can take a part the burner, there should be 2-3 motors inside it