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What to do with (6) 5 volt dc 150 watt power supplies? S-150-5 Mean Well G2 150watt Power Supplies? Answered

I guess I could sell them. But what would someone do with them?


I believe you could try electroplating different metals with copper at first and then work up to different plating substances if you use copper mix hot water and pure baking soda together and put something copper at the positive electrode and the object you want coated at the negative side and leave it for 1-2 minutes and the metal at the negative electrode will be plated in copper which will look dull at first but can easily be polished also it can be reversed by switching the two metals and the water will turn bluish green when plating with copper.

run home made electro-magnets off of them or use them to power an oxyhydrogen generator.

iPod charger and mini-amplifier (two for the amp - one each channel). other three...ask yourself, "Will it blend?" play loud, angry music from iPod through mini-amp, while enjoying your Blend-Tec blender. my 2 cents.

Lab benchtop power supplies come to mind, such as the one shown here