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What to do with 90's oven Answered

I have an old 90's model electric oven that is broken. The timing board just went out and the landlord decided to get a new one. Any good ideas for what to do with the old oven? Any parts I can use to make something interesting?


How about as heating element of a vaccum former?

Destroy It!!!!!!!!!!

Woop, sorry, too much "saved by the bell"


Convert it to a wo
od burning oven or outdoor grill

Is it a fan oven? cos if it is u could get the motor out of it and make it into a saw or something more CHILD like Such as a car.

.  Without knowing more about the oven, it's hard to say, but, if the timer board is gone, then there's probably not much left except for some wiring and heating elements. Maybe a piece of high-temperature glass.
.  There might be enough steel to make it worthwhile to sell for scrap.

Some things are just Irredemable. Let it go.

Take it apart, find cool stuff you like, and then C4 time! Lol