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What to do with a Nintendo DS Answered

Somebody gave me a nintendo DS for free because it had a broken top screen. Using the power of instructables I replaced the top screen and now have a perfect Nintendo DS. Problem is...... I never play video games, I have no use for a DS. Anybody have any good ideas of things to make with a Nintendo DS.....either using the DS as a whole or savaging it for parts?

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xtacticalmonkeyx (author)2008-03-31

well you can buy a r4ds or a m3simply online and a microsd card and make it into a ipod or a phone or sumting.

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Kiteman (author)2007-11-09

You can buy a cartridge called "Games and Music". It's not an official Nintendo product, but it turns your DS into an mp3 player, video player and you can download / write your own games for it.

It comes with a 1Gb micro-SD card, a couple-dozen simple games pre-loaded, a USB card-reader and software to convert other video formats to the format dedicated to the cartridge. If you take the games off, the 1Gb card will comfortably hold a couple of hours of converted video or oodles of music.

Hang on...

Found it (Link to Play.com ) - we bought one for #1 son's birthday, seems to work fine.

Don't forget you have a slot for GBA / SP cartridges as well - I think you used to be able to get TV or radio receivers to fit in that slot, maybe you can still find them on ebay?

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whatsisface (author)Kiteman2007-11-09

Interestingly enough, engadget blogged screenshots of the new NDS TV tuner today. I had the GBA version, it was good but wouldn't fit in a DS.

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