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What to do with a box of motherboards? Answered

I just went to a garage sale that I saw on craigslist. The guy advertised a good amount of computer stuff. Upon getting there I found a treasure trove of 3-8 year old computer parts. Long story short i bought a box of 20 motherboards for five bucks. Sadly only six of them have processors though. Now comes the problem, what the hell should i do with 20 motherboards? I'm actually gonna go back there too because he's got empty towers at $5 a piece, as well as NICs, video cards, power supplies, and the like. So again, any ideas on what I should do?



9 years ago

I use them for decoration. Also, I played soldering / desoldering components on them to learn soldering SMDs.

You know, I might have to do both of those. I'm pretty bad at soldering in general, so that would be a really good thing to work with.

One word----- Ebay!

I thought about that, but I'd really like to do something myself with them.