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What to do with a cell phone.... Answered

I have a pretty good camera flip phone that will be useless in a few months, any ideas or instructables you could suggest on what to do with it? Any input would be greatly appreciated! I also have an old candy phone, with a really good flashlight built in. ideas? (No, this is not my phone) Lukethebook333


You can take the motor out of it that it uses to vibrate and make something with that, like a Bristlebot.

you can also get a bigger motor like that from an operation game, dont know what to do with mine .... yet. im thinking something diabolical hee hee hee


9 years ago

I have to agree with Sunbanks. I'm not all that creative of a person, so my only suggestion is to scrap it for parts.

well, this is what I'm going to do whenever My 2 year plan expires with my phone (in a couple months). I'm going to strip it of everything except the camcorder and all the stuff needed to work and microphone. I'm going to use an AVR to turn it on and go to the camera function, and so that when a video is done it'll save it automatically to a micro sd card. So I'll have a super mini camcorder that can record hours at a time. I'm going to turn it into an ear piece and record my life. I'm going to take about a minute worth of hilarious material from a day and post it on youtube or metacafe and it'll be a series of videos. Kind of DIY reality show, lol.

neat idea, unfortunately, My phone has no way of transferring the memory out of it, so what I record would be stuck on the phone's internal memory.