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What to do with an old 80W lamp? Answered

I came across this 80W lamp a few weeks ago, sitting atop some junk, still in its box
I think this is the data for it here
I'm not sure if it still works or not, but since it was lying with other junk which worked perfectly fine, I'm gonna say that it probably does still work...
Does anyone know of a good use for it?
No one else seems to want it, I listed it as free on an online ad site for my area but got no replies,
and I'm not sure if it's safe to just dump it into the general waste bin.




Best Answer 4 years ago

Make a Magic Lamp...

An Incandescent bulb is a magical thing the filament is in a protected environment with
good thermal insulation of a vacuum.

This is a DANGEROUS circuit that can Kill so don't build this until you fully understand
the web address



Sorry ....  A Magic Lamp is normally off
Until another light or match or flash light or heat source causes it to turn ON and stay on.

BTW you can tell Temperature by measuring th resistance of the filament
like the lamp in an oven be it a gas or electrically heated oven.

Donate to a thrift shop.


4 years ago

It makes a great safety resistor for testing ticklish inverters and other electronics.


4 years ago

This is a specialty light bulb. It is made to fit a fixture usually with a bunch of others just like it such as a large hanging light. They also used a lot of lights like this in places like Las Vegas to light up the outside of the buildings. All those lit up signs and marquees that used to line the streets were made from bulbs like this.

You could use it as a light emitting, really fast, handwarmer:)

It's a light bulb. Use it as one. Sure it will burn up 80W but it's still a good bright bulb.

Dump it - It won't hurt land fill.

On the other side if you look around you will find out how to take it apart and replace the insides with a low wattage LED light - pretty cool.