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What to do with ink powder? Answered

Hi, I just happen to have a large quantity of ink powder for a laser printer from leftovers of toners. Any idea what I can do with it? I was wondering if their is a way to make paint, liquid ink or any other craft stuff with it. I also have the waist (mix of the CMYK leftovers). Thank for the help!


The powder (toner) is fused to the paper by heat.

Why not try "painting" a picture with the toner, then heating it to make the powder stick - maybe iron it, or a couple of minutes in an oven?

the fumes produced might be dangerous...


1 year ago

Did you wver find an answer to this?

No... sry :S i tought it might be too hazardous for your health to try anything good...

I have the same "problem". I have a large amount of leftover black toner, and was wondering what to do with it. It's neither magnetic, nor conductive, so I'm out of ideas...

or you can make some kind of TNT. yes toner powder is highly explosive when mixed with air. for example, throw some in a room wich has a lit candle in it. well you might get killed so don't do it.