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What to do with old robot? / Cybot Answered

I found an old robot that was part of one of those 'build it yourself' magazine series. I was gonna eBay it but found there was actually quite alot of cool stuff in there so I've compiled a list and I'm gonna make an instructable using some of the parts, But I need ideas / help.

Here are (the best) parts.

2x sets of ultrasonic emitters / receivers
2x LDRs large
2x smaller photoresistors (used for line following)
2x set of inrfa red emitter& reciever leds
2x bright white leds + various others
2x 9v motors & gear housings
LCD display 5cm squre
speed controllers selector switches etc
and a load of pre programmed processors that can't be reused.

some more technical details here

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madmanmoe64 (author)2010-08-13

Finally got round to using some of this stuff. I used the Infrared LED and sensor to make an IR intruder detector (that fits in a zippo) http://instructables.com/id/pocket-burglar-alarm/ Next is gonna be a range finder (using the ultrasonics)

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ooda55 (author)madmanmoe642012-02-18

Any word back on those ultrasonics yet? i just dug out my old cybot and im looking to hook the rangefinders up to a arduino, no idea where to start
Thios is the best info i have found so far:

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amando96 (author)2009-01-31

i only did issue #1 #16 any idea where i could get the rest? it's allready pretty cool but i want to learn programming without the hassle of building a new robot...

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madmanmoe64 (author)amando962009-02-19

they stopped selling back issue ages ago, sometimes you can find them on ebay but I haven't looked recently

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Bongmaster (author)2008-06-18

i have the processor1 board and the uc4 board, also 3 sonar bits, and the line follower. now if only i had a use for them :(

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