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What to do with straws? Answered

I have a lot of straws and I would like to make something cool. thanks.




6 years ago

How about a straw heart or straw stars??? here are the links



I hope i have helped! take care!

You can make a "shotgun" directional microphone with a hand full of them.

Duck calls. Cut holes in those to make them playable instruments.

Duck calls? That would really be quite something... I've never actually used one, but it's just a thin membrane on the inside to vibrate against, right?

Yep. Poor man's oboe (sometimes defined as "an ill wind that nobody blows good"). If you cut fingerholes along the length of it, you can play a tune on it... well, you can play out of tune on it, but the idea's the important thing. Many years ago, someone claimed to have rubber-banded a bunch of these into the fingers of a latex glove and thus created a disposable set of bagpipes. They were promising to post details and a recording, but I don't think that ever happened. If someone feels ambitious, that might be an interesting project to attempt... though I don't guarantee it's actually possible.

What about a house?  After that, you could make one out of sticks, and then...

A house of straw, a house of sticks, and a house of brick.  What does that remind you of?

Thank you everyone. I don't think that I have enough straws to do that but I will think about that. thanks.

Hmmm... A straw pan flute. If you do make one, be sure to post some pictures, or even an entire 'ible. :-)

Geometric figures by "sewing" them and making many pointed "stars".