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What to do with these old, non-working hard drives? Answered

 I have about three old hard drives of 20 GB and 3 GB which failed and stopped working a few years ago and wouldn't spin or one of them makes too much noise and hangs the computer.

I was thinking to throw them out now since its been many years, but wondered if anyone could tell me some good and cheap use I can put them to.my friend took the first one, a 1 GB seagate, opened the cover, and kept it in his showcase. It looks good. But I want to do something useful.?


If you have a camera of any type and you are tired of using a tripod for stability there is an Instructable for building a hand held GYRO for the camera, camcorder it is

Universal, 2 Gyro Image stabilizer

All you need are 2 hard drives where the flywheel spins when power is applied, no data is required.


8 years ago

The voice coil can also be made to "sing" if properly controlled.

But by all means, open up those hard drives and poke around a bit! 

People usually extract the magnets from 'em - strong. The platters are nice and pretty / shiny.


Yes platters are shiny. Which ones are the magnets? And what voltage are the motors? 12V or 5V?

I also have a non-working portable Nishica DVD player. I'd like to know what things I can make with its lens and the motors. Its a 12VDC device.

The motors will be 12V but you need the controllers to go with them, and you said they "won't spin". The magnets are part of the head-control mechanism - should be easy to locate around where the head-arm pivots. Platters just look pretty, or can be used as mirrors.
The DVD -player might be useful, look for "DVD laser" instructables


 Well, they have nice parts, a motor, etc which you might be able to scavenge.