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What to make from ridiculous Zoomies glasses Answered

So I just got some of these ridiculous glasses from my grandpa.

They are advertised as hands-free binoculars, and claim to solve all those issues you had with normal binoculars (?)

Anyway, they are terrible, their lens quality is crap, their focus sensitivity is terrible, they are uncomfortable, and make you look like a complete fool.

Anyway, ideas about what to make with these things? Might as well make something useful with them. 

I was thinking a pair of opera glasses, there are three sets of lenses in the goggles. The plastic frame and focus assembly are pretty weak and can't support much, but could be steampunked or something. 

Any ideas appreciated.


if your in to steam punk, they look pretty fashionable.
or modify them for your next Tinkerbell cosplay, you could be Phineas T. "Bobble" Kettletree, Esquire.


4 years ago

mine R opera glasses and dorky everything you said

Retro x-ray specs. Mount some lights in them. Take apart some keychain photo LCD viewers and just mount the transparent LCD crystal panel to replace the lenses. You will have a poor man's google glass when it cycles through some screen captures images. Or just rub the inside of the frames with charcoal. Have someone put them on to see what they are and then you will have pranked them when they take them off.