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What to salvage from oven Answered

We're getting rid of our electric oven/ range today because 3 out of the 4 burners don't work. I  figured that in that whole oven, there must be some useful materials, So what should I pull from it, and if you have any ideas, what could I do with it? As you can imagine, search results were very broad when I looked for "Oven" and "Stove". Any suggestions are welcome.


Got off some burners and the switches for them. I was thinking a hot plate would be a great project since I essentially have 2 unassembled burners, but I think it might be beyond my level of skill. In the mean time, We just got a fire pit and with a little tweaking, I can make the oven rack into a grill grate.

.  The switches are designed for fairly high current (by DIY standards).
.  The racks can be used for shelves, antennae, &c.
.  The glass in the oven door will handle at least 450 degF.
.  The sheet metal can be used for projects or recycled.
.  The power cord can be reused.

That last remaining "burner" could be re-used as a single "burner" stove for heating stuff that you get in trouble for heating on the kitchen stove.

Such as copper sheet.

All the burners are physically intact. I think something went wrong with heating elements in them. I already took out one of the racks to use most likely for some sort of high temperature use like a grill.

Nacho, what switches are you talking about exactly?

We aren't getting rid of it for a while, but we have no place to store it inside and we've been having heavy rain for a while now.

.  The switches that control the "burners." Probably on the front panel.

I'm trying to get them off, but I don't have the right screw drivers.