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What to use a giant parabolic mirror in???? I need ideas. Answered

So yesterday I came across a decent sized parabolic mirror. It's good quality glass & it's polished nicely. I've never priced one but my dad was guessing that it's probably a $200+ mirror. I got it for $12 & I have to put it to good use. The only thing I can really think of so far is a telescope. Any other ideas as to what I could build with it?


set it up so that its pointing at the sun and place things at the focal point and they will ketch fire or just heat up


Stud it with diamonds, launch it into space, wait for the right moment for the sun to hit it, and the Rule the Worl......wait a minute, where are you going to get a spaceship?

Seriously, too bad you don't have a matching parabolic mirror to drill a hole into.  You could then make that cool optical 3D illusion where you grab at something that floats in midair.  Maybe do some optical tricks with it.  Good luck.