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What tools I need to begin wood crafting? Answered

I want to make some wooden boxes and cases, and I haven't done any wood work till now so I don't have any tools and I can't buy the workshop electronic machines which I see in almost every woodworking instructables here (such as drill, lathe, sanding, saw, mitre, buiskit jointer, and all other electronic tools). So I want to begin with simple hand tools.


Good hand woodworking tools are often to be had second hand so look around. People get machinery in and discard the older manual tools.

A reasonable Panel saw

A tenon saw

A square

tape measure

A hand plane

A 25mm and 6mm wood chisel

A sharpening stone (blunt tools are worse then no tool.)

Sand paper and sanding block ( don't do it with your hand use a wooden block)

A lot of patience

Measure twice, cut once

Draw what you want to make first to work out the dimensions and construction.

Work slow at first, you will get there and accuracy is more important than speed.

Cut to the outside of your marked line. Then trim parts to fit. that way they really do fit.

Personally I don't like to use nails and screws if they can be seen so I tend for small things to use wood dowels and a reasonable wood glue. PVA in gallon containers is the cheapest way to buy wood glue it's the same as the much smaller bottle that actually says wood glue on it. Wipe the excess off with a wet rag or tissue.

If you're chiselling, a wooden mallet would be useful as well.

Thanks for the answers!. And I forgot to ask the most important thing!.. What wood should I start from? What type of wood will be easily available which is better for this thing?

Simple pine is best for a box (maybe some nice Oak for a third or forth run, after you learn what you need to do)

if you want to try you hand and craving, Balsa wood is the only place to start.

Hi, i would like to know about balsa wood, how strong is it? Balsa's the only wood i could get here, so is it good to create boxes which could handle 1 to 2 kilo grams?

It really depends on how you build it over the strength of the wood. If you use just glue might be Iff-y; use some screws for some extra support. If you only need 2K's (aprox 5lbs) it shouldn't be a problem.

Check you local hardware store for some Pine if you can. I know the major retailers and many small mom and pop shops will carry it. Balsa is really meant for hand carving because of the easy to care Grain in the wood. Pine would give you more strength.

If I could only have one tool in my shop, it would be a miter saw.


3 years ago

India has a long history of fine hand made workmanship so you are in the right place for learning that, unless it has become a vanishing art. I would ask around and see if someone might be able to let you be around them and learn so you can get an idea of what is needed and also some of the tools you might need. Who knows, once you get involved you might decide you like it enough that you could apprentice with someone.

There is a TV show on the PBS network called the Woodright's shop and they guy does everything with only traditional hand tools. I have seen a few shows and the guy makes me tired just watching him.


I think you can watch some shows on line.

If you want to start with some basic boxes. I would encourage you to buy a Handheld Miter saw, and a Miter box. Also grab at least a pair of soft Clamps and a Sliding Square. This will get you started for some simple boxes and maybe even a picture frame from some old trim :D

That would cover the basics if you don't mind sanding wood by hand ( be sure to use a simple sanding block btw) Looking toward the near future, look for a coping saw for fine cuts, and a at least a handheld drill, over a drill press would be Really Helpful !

If you live near a "Hack-space" a membership is all you need to use their tools, and there will be many others their to help you get started :)

Good Luck; Ask again if you need anything !