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What type of amp should I use for making a boombox? Answered

So I want to make a boombox similar to this instructable, https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Portable-Boombox-Audiophile-Quality/step15/Assembling-The-Boombox/   but more simplified.  The problem is I know nothing about speakers.  Im planning on buying 2 6.5" subwoofers with an RMS power rating is 150 watts and the peak power rating is 300 watts and the impedance is 4 ohms if that helps. I also want to run two full range speakers from the same amp and im planning on using two old ones I stripped from a radio, the only thing I know about them is that on the back of them it says 8 ohms and 2 watts.  I would also like a volume control on the boombox if that makes a difference. I have tried to look up what type of amp I would need but haven't had any success.  If someone could give me details as to what type of amp I should buy or point me to an instructable that shows how to make an amp suitable for this type of project it would be greatly appreciated.


Won't be much of a portable boombox with those speakers. To properly drive the speakers you will want a 300W car Audio amp. Which as it implies will draw 300W @ 12VDC. Meaning it will draw 25A. Thus requiring quite a large battery to support those power needs. Now you don't need to run the speakers at there full power but you will need at least a 100W amp to power them. Which would still require quite a large battery to run the system for any reasonable time. I suggest starting smaller and use 25W speakers. Basically the speakers you pulled from the car radio and leave the subs out. Then you could build your own 25W amp rather than purchasing a large car audio amp.

Thanks for the suggestion and reply. Do you happen to know how many watts under the RPM could still operate the speakers? Like if I had a 20 watt amp could I power 25W speakers? Or 50W speakers?

You can power them with a 1W speaker...it won't be very loud though... the speakers rating is a maximum.