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What type of capacitors for Voltage Multiplier Circuit? Answered

I want to make a voltage mutiplier circuit to get 30kV+ DC from 12kV AC, I'm not sure what type of capacitors to get or diodes. Also how many times does it multiply the voltage, for each set of 2 diodes and 2 capacitors


Big ones, not a joke.

If you are starting at 12kV you need 12kV capacitors and diodes minimum best to go with 30kV capacitors and diodes.

Not cheap or easy to get.

Just checked and I found where to get the diodes and capacitors and you were right, they're certainly not cheap. I also wanted to know if the circuit doubles the voltage each time. So a circuit with 2 diodes and capacitors would double the voltage, 4 diodes and capacitors would triple the voltage and does the current stay the same?

No the current does not remain the same it goes down as the voltage goes up.

Each time or step the voltage doubles and the current halves so in two steps it should be 3 times the voltage and 1/3 the current.

I've found that diodes rated for 30kV 20mA are alot cheaper (literally 100X) , if I used this would it just burn them out or something?

Is 20 mA the constant current?

Most semiconductors will take pulsing values much higher than there constant values so it may be fine. What is the part number?

In step one it may be iffy.


They had one for around 30kV 0.02A but I can't seem to find that now

NO, the current has to fall, since power has to be conserved, not increased !

oh yes right. my transformer outputs 360W-12kV at 30mAh, so one voltage multiplier circuit(set) should double the voltage and drop the amprage to 15mA (360/24000=0.015)and 2 circuits should drop the voltage to 1mA.

actually 2 giant perfect diodes for free from a light stand after a car hit accidentally boy i had some fun with it especially when burned them :(