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What type of mold to use? Answered

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I have a metal drawer pull that has been discontinued & ive searched on line without any success. I thought I could make a copy out of moldable hard plastic, but I would prefer it to the drawer pull be metal. What should I use & how do I get the metal into a liquid form to pour into the mold?it would only be the drop ring only, thanks for any help in this quest.


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Paige RussellBest Answer (author)2017-02-16

Hi Marlene,

There are several types of RTV silicone rubber that you can use for casting low-temperature metal/alloys like tin and pewter (SmoothOn's Mold Max 60 has the highest heat resistance that I know of at 560° F / 294° C), but RTV silicone is NOT recommended for higher melting temperature metals.

To cast aluminum, brass, or copper, you'll need to do lost wax casting in a plaster mold. Here are two instructables and an online example that go over the lost wax casting process:




Hope this was helpful!


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One way is once you have the mold ready, use a wire hard enough to bend it to the shape inside the cavity. I suggest to use rigid polyurethane that is liquid as water and strong enough to replicate the strength needed. You can add color to the urethane or painted after.

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