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What type of paint should I use to paint a game controller? Answered

Specifically a N64 one I want a certain color but I know if i buy a special one like that on ebay it will cost me more for just plain old gray and hey  I might throw in a few Legend Of Zelda Logos on it too.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Krylon spray paint should work great on that plastic. It's available at most hardware stores. To make it stick a little better scuff the plastic up with some fine sandpaper. Either take the covers off before painting or seal all switches and opening well with masking tape. I know you were going to do this but some people would just spray away and wonder why their contoler doesn't work anymore.

I wouldn't have just sprayed away and wondered I have a some sense of electronics, soldering and other such things. Like for example Im almost done fixing the RFU switch for the N64

You may know better, Owl, but we (or I, at least) didn't know that, and the next person to read this answer may not be so clueful. Better to be a bit more detailed than necessary, just in case.

krylon spray paint is what i used then i used a spray on clear coat

I believe Krylon now offers a set of spray paints specifically for plastic. Another possibility would be the paints used for model kits; if they stick to plastic parts in the kits, they might stick to the plastic controller.

Thanks Im going to leave this up for a little bit lobnger just to see if anyone else has any ideas and if not, best answer to you.