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What voltage does this put out? (Answered: Too Much) Answered

Anybody any idea what sort of voltage/current this flyswat puts out?

It runs on two AA cells.

No particular project in mind at the moment, but I'd like to make sure it's safe enough in case of accidentally shocking other people.



Best Answer 5 years ago

Ideally, do not shock people with these. :)

Its a few hundred volts at a 'amps' for a few nanoseconds when you directly short it. (it simply charges a capacitor like a camera flash does). It's enough to stop a heart if across the chest.

To be sure, crack it open, only 3 screws and you can see the capacitor and charging circuit. The rating on the capacitor should give an idea of the absolute maximum voltage it can tolerate. divide by 2 and you have a 'reasonable engineering safety' margin.
The farad rating of the capacitor can give an idea of how much current can come from one spark.

Personal experience - more than anyone wants to get hold of I promise you.


5 years ago

More corporal and less capital punishment for the button pusher could be a water squirt?

That's actually harder to do, since the button has to control something else that needs mounting, rather than just completing a circuit.

Sorry, accidentally deleted my comment. Basically what I said Is that I made a cattle prod out of one and the packaging said it output 2700 (yes, two thousand seven hundred) volts at either .07 or .007 amps, I forget which.

I actually made a sort of cattle prod out of one of these. Mine said on the packaging that it output 2700 (not 270) at either .07 amps or .007 amps, I forget which.

They're nasty. One of the guys at HacMan has added more C to his, and it generates fat arcs.

Too much for a practical joke ("don't press this button" - zap!)?

For your own "instructables" defibrillator......


(Scratches plans to wire up doorbell on Halloween...)

As much as I'd love to dabble in some genuine halloween "surprises" of this flavour, remember the laws on booby traps are rather severe and an electrified doorbell shocking someone who wasn't trying to break into the house would probably result in some jail time.

The plan included a warning notice; "do not press this button".

A real-time psychological experiment...

(I gave Frollard "best", purely because he beat you on the clock - thanks for your help.)