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What voltage should a 5000 Joule capacitor bank be for a TEA nitrogen laser be? Answered

I am building a TEA Nitrogen laser and I will be using two 5000 Joule capacitor banks for the two capacitors.  I am wondering what voltage should the two cap banks be at for the laser.  All help is greatly appriciated.



Best Answer 6 years ago

I don't recall how many farads you have.
Then you calc the voltage.

Energy = Capacitance × Voltage2 / 2

V = square root ( 10,000 / C )


How many Farads will be determined by how many Volts I need for it to work.

That's going to depend on your laser tests isn't it ? Its related to the sparkgap dimensions.

You can't HAVE "5000J" banks, without knowing the working voltage.

I believe John is a persistent armchair challenged laser designer.

There are two upper bounds on voltage.
  • The distance of Jhon's gap of about 1 to 3 millimeters.
  • The insulation you use in your capacitor
Now the Kyerohtaron  TEA  N2  Laser uses 4000 V  so,

C = E*2/V2 = 5000 × 2 / ( 4000 × 4000 ) in FARADS

C = 625 uF................  Tell us John  how large a foil cap is that ??

Will it fit in a garage ??

I honestly don't know. I would like to use homeade capacitors, but I don't know the specifications for them so that I can build the two capacitor banks using them. I have decided that I will use around 4500V.