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What was the first K'nex gun on instructables? Answered


Oldest one I could find is the "H.A.W.C (Highly Accurate War Crossbow)" by Skreetsha using this (modified for recent) search, in August 2008. Of course, it could be entirely wrong but that is what I found. Along with some older, pretty dang awesome instructables like the infamous Cat Breading costume (its like old almost meme nostalgia! :D ), as well as a few instructables new to me, like this turntable wristwatch! 

Like I said, the search was modified and therefore I am not sure how accurate it was. Also not sure how instructables sorts things because after those guns I got posts from 2012, but totally unrelated to Knex. Of course, some could be older and just not searchable, or simply removed from the site.

Learn something new every day I guess :D


Well, cancel that. Using googles site:instructables.com search it seems that the oldest would probably be the "Basic Knex Cannon" by (your name here). However, Google thinks that this "VSS Vintorez - Knex Sniper" is slightly older (see here), but the posted date is in 2009. Maybe instructables had a glitch or something, who knows. Searching from 2000 to 2006 btw. 

Again (and perhaps I have a tendency to be), probably entirely wrong =D

Do a search and find out.

Cannot specify any kind of date range in the current search engine (unless I am missing something).


4 years ago

Had to be in 2005