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What was the first featured instructable? Answered



And if you already knew the answer (as indicated by your keyword), why did you bother asking?

When you created this topic, you entered a bunch of keywords for classification, including some staff members names. One of your keywords was the username of the person who actually wrote the first featured I'ble. That's a rather odd coincidence, unless you knew the answer when you wrote it.

He assumed it would be one of the following; "eric, wilhelm, canida, christy, noah, randy, sarafan", so he included that. Also, many people search those names so there's a better chance of people seeing it. So, in reality, he doesn't know (hence the question), but he was making an educated guess as to the author of it.

Explore> sort by featured> last page.

You could have answered this for yourself. Go to the last page of I'bles sorted by recent, and look for the last one labelled "featured."