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What was your username before you changed it Answered

Just enter your username before it was changed


octopus but this is not important because we live in a world that will soon be taken over by atomic super platapuses sure we think there an endangered species but little do we know that there is a vast super advance city of platapusses under Australia and they are mobilising I have seen this we are all going to be slave to platapus kind be must blow up Australia before it is too late

insanely yours GD

 did you see dogma cuz they made fun of the platypus in the beggining

ive been staring blankly at that image for 3 months now.............what have you done to me?????????

I knew it! So its not just me having crazy platopus dreams!

 used to be nissanZ 

Used to be BonemanX3

Mine was HighVoltage2000 :)

Recreate,Laugh out Loud.

Anyone notice the non capital "c"? sigh

I think it is funny; in a different way...


We all do, its just that its simply not funny.

Screw you man, Don't you have any sense of humor?

I do. My sense of humor is perfectly fine. The joke's simply not funny, at least two people (me and Jamalam) doesn't think its funny. The only one who seems to think that 'joke' is funny is you.

Id agree, I dont think its funny either.

It means he doesn't wanna laugh, he doesn't find it funny.

You know what? It's not really about me not having a sense of humor. The only one who think that's funny is you, there are at least two people (me and Jamalam) who doesn't think it's funny. My sense of humor is fine, thank you, the joke's simply not funny.

Give me a valid reason why it is not funny in any way then.

Doesn't make me laugh, doesn't make The Jamalam laugh, it's not funny in any way, it's actually very corny.

ok then, You have no sense of humor, ill be sure to remember that

OK then, you're an ignorant fool with no IQ. I'll be sure to remember that.

Pathetic avatar, I like the old one better. But then again, I don't give a *bleep* i hope you get my point again

Your opinion on mu avatar means absolutely zero to me. I also don't give a *bleep* about your monstrously ugly pic.

? You did not get my point, Also, Why not the Simpson guy avatar? It made you look like you really did have 3000 Comments

How did I not get your point? And I can use whatever avatar I want, its my profile, not yours, thank you very much. And have you not been paying attention? I did have 3000 comments, regulars such as DJ can vouch for that. Its just that the comment counter resets back to zero every time you changed your name.

Yes really go and look at all my instructables with notes before the battle rifle.

Out of words, huh?

No, Its Blank, Literally Just A White Box with nothing in there.

Chickening out be not replying just confirms the fact that you fail.
Ah...I Think I did...Let Me check...Yup, I Did.
Your Pathetic, I am Ignoring you from now on.

Lol that's not good calling someone pathetic when you don't even use the right "you're".

You fail for getting in an argument you are not involved in.

No. I can't fail. This guy is a friend, and you aren't. Yet. So, stop arguing.

Well, yeah, but he's in my top 20, at the very least.